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Sachel BioTonic Natural Mask for Hair Growth,with Scalp Massage Effect 150 ml

Sachel BioTonic Natural Mask for Hair Growth,with Scalp Massage Effect 150 ml

Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioTonic is a native natural product characterized by integrated regenerative, strengthening, and regulating effect focused on elimination of the hair follicle functions and conditions disorders, problems related to adjacent dermis and subcutaneous fat, scalp surface epidermis, hair shaft, and sebaceous glands.

Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioTonic is a native mask for your hair; it produces multidimensional therapeutic, preventive, dermatological, and aesthetic effect for hair and scalp. The micellar native biological composition of this mask is characterized by complete penetrability through the upper epidermis down to the skin deeper layers, optimal bioavailability to the affected regions, and complete absorption; in produces intensive vessel-protective and capillaries-strengthening effect that ensures the delivery of the biologically active components and vitamins from blood to the bursa pili and adjacent area, and activates the hair papilla cells fission processes, contributes to the hair root and hair shaft functions and condition normalization, and prevents the pathological changes that may be caused by external and internal adverse factors.

The natural ingredients of this mask-concentrate are 100 % pure natural composition in its native biologically active form; they are characterized by biological compatibility with the skin cells, contribute to natural regulation of metabolic processes and biological processes in the bursa pili and adjacent regions.

Native composition:

- Is characterized by high degree of penetrability to the hair root and hair shaft;

- Recovers the hair bulbs activity at cellular level;

- Intensifies the blood supply to the hair follicle and delivery of nutrients to the hair bulb;

- Prevents loss of hair;

- Stimulates the fission of cells in the hair bulb and mobilizes the hair growth;

- Recovers the hair keratin layer and makes your hair shiny and strong;

- Recovers the hair structure and prevents the hair splits, dryness, and fragility;

- Recovers the hair pigment;

- Prevents the consequences of the exposure to the external adverse factors (such as environmental factors, hard water, exposure of your hair to synthetic substances, thermal exposure, and others);

- Normalizes the dermis sebaceous glands functions and eliminates the scalp epidermis flaking when dealing with dry seborrhea, and stimulates intensive fission of cells when dealing with the oily seborrhea;

- Leads out the toxic substances from the hair shaft and eliminates headaches;

- Normalizes the scalp condition, eliminates the Pityrosporum Ovale mycotic infection that causes seborrhea and dandruff.

Native mask-concentrate contains natural essential oils as a part of this natural composition and characterized by soothing, pain-relieving, and aphrodisiac properties. The native composition is integrating into the keratin layer and ensures protection throughout the day. After the use of this mask-concentrate, the aroma of the natural oils remains on your hair throughout the day.

The native micellar composition of the Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioTonic mask mobilizes the microcirculation in epidermis and dermis, contributes to the blood inflow and oxygen delivery, and is characterized by natural tonifying action along with the scalp massage feeling. Natural bioavailable components of this mask penetrate into the walls of capillaries and eliminate headaches, dizziness, and sensation of heaviness in the head; they bring the feeling of freshness, coolness, and ease.

The trials of this native mask-concentrate with men and women 18+ years old having the symptoms of hair growth disorders, dry seborrhea and oily seborrhea, patchy hair loss, diffuse alopecia and dermatosis have demonstrated the following:

- More intensive hair growth for the 60-day period - by 60 % higher in comparison with the parameters observed before the use of the mask;

- Elimination of hear shedding - 100 % of participants after the completion of the course (20 days);

- Reduction of patchy hair loss in men - mobilization of the hair bulbs and onset of new hair in 30 % of men;

- Mobilization of hair bulbs and onset of new hair in 40 % of women;

- Elimination of dry seborrhea - 98 % of the respondents;

- Elimination of oily seborrhea - 100 % of the respondents;

- Elimination of mycoses - 100 %;

- Skin moisturizing - 100 %;

- Improvement of the hair aesthetic properties - 100 %;

- Recovery of shining look and elasticity - 100 %;

- Elimination of split ends - 100 %;

- Elimination of the accretion on the hair resulting from bad-quality water and cosmetic products - 100 %;

- Elimination of dryness - 100 %;

- Recovery of hair after thermal or chemical exposure - 100 %.

Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioTonic natural mask-concentrate does not contain any chemical substances and / or conserving agents.

Ingredients: water, castor oil, cedar oil, burdock oil, artemia native extract, goji fruit (berries) native extract, green tea native extract, seaberry fruit (berries) native extract, (Usnea Utilissima Stirt.), Irish moss extract, lespedeza native extract, hot pepper native extract, mustard native extract, elderflower native extract, walnut native extract, lactulose, dihydroquercetin, melissa native extract, tickseed native extract, mullein native extract, maral root native extract, sweetvetch native extract, clover native extract, brown algae alginate, Vitamin РР, ascorbic acid, retinyl acetate (Vitamin А), calcium pantothenate, allantoin, stone oil, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin Е), ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2), lipids, Emulsiрhos, and mumijo.

Use instructions: apply a small amount of the mask onto your wet hair and hair roots; distribute along the entire hair length and on the scalp using the gentle massage movements; leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

After the use of the mask, it is recommended to use the Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) Native Bio natural shampoo. For therapeutic effect, it is recommended to use the mask and shampoo daily for 10 days.

Daily use for extended time periods is possible.

Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.

Idiosyncrasy to the mask-concentrate ingredients may occur.

Storage conditions: keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

When opened, keep for not more than 12 months.

Shelf life: 1 year.

GOST 31460-2012.