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Sachel BioBalance Alginate Collagenic Mask & Biogenic Tonic

Sachel BioBalance Alginate Collagenic Mask & Biogenic Tonic

Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioBalance is a specially developed complex for facial skin care, neck, and low neckline area skin care characterized by selective regulating action to treat the esthetic and functional defects of the skin, endocrine balance, skin protective functions, metabolic processes, natural moisturizing factors, structure of the elastinic and collagenic fibers, and skin tone.

Combined use of the Sachel BioBalance mask provides the biorevitalizing effect by means of transdermal penetration of the active components inside the skin structures.

Sachel BioBalance is the natural alginate collagenic mask based on the seaborn collagen and brown algae native concentrate, enriched with the biogenic complex of herbal concentrates and natural components focused on regulation of the skin cells metabolic processes, skin collagenic and elastinic fibers recovery, normalization of the moisture level, blood vessels tonus control, elimination of individual esthetic and dermatological skin problems occurring in any type of the skin, and at any age.

This biogenic mask contains the natural formulation with bioengineering effect, which evolves into the active state when diluted with the dedicated Sachel BioBalance tonic.

Biogenic formulation of the mask combined with the tonic contains the natural complex of active substances in non-altered natural form characterized by complete penetrability through the epidermis upper layer, compatibility with the cell fluids and skin cells, and multidimensional corrective and regulating effect:

  • For the epidermis upper layer;
  • For the epidermis basal layer;
  • For the dermal layer;
  • For cellular cycle;
  • For keratins synthesis;
  • For skin immune functions;
  • For the skin natural moisturizing factor.

Native, vegetable, and natural components of this mask provide regulating effect for the biochemical processes of the keratin synthesis, antimicrobial peptides, for the skin natural moisturizing factors, and epidermis integral structures (lipids); they contribute to:

  • Regulation of the keratinocytes transport properties, ensuring optimal cycle of the cell and wrinkles prevention;
  • Regulation of the antimicrobial peptides synthesis, prevention of inflammatory processes, infectional processes, and bacterial processes occurring on the skin, acneiform eruptions prevention;
  • Regulation of the skin natural moisturizing factors synthesis, prevention of the skin dryness, ichthyosis, and concomitant skin changes;
  • Lipid metabolism normalization, prevention of the skin cells dehydration;
  • Elimination of pigmentation;
  • Facial complexion improvement;
  • Cleansing of the skin cells from synthetic products, makeup, dust, and dirt;
  • Elimination of the skin cells toxicosis, removal of toxins, and metabolic processes normalization;
  • "Spider" veins elimination;
  • Collagenic and elastinic fibers strengthening and making them more elastic; filling of voids in case of damaged collagenic structure, skin aging elimination;
  • Elastogenesis control, skin elasticity improvement;
  • Skin photoageing prevention;
  • Recovery of the skin functions and condition after stress factor;
  • Muscles tonus recovery and prevention of the skin sagging;
  • Facial skin and low neckline area lipodystrophy correction;
  • Improvement of the skin protective functions when exposed to the external and internal adverse factors;
  • Skin drainage properties improvement;
  • Improvement of the blood vessels and capillaries elasticity, delivery of nutrients from the blood to the skin cells;
  • Cellular respiration normalization;
  • Elimination of comedones and acneiform rash.

Ingredients: Seaborn collagen of the 1-st type, brown algae concentrate, diatomic algae concentrate, cordyceps concentrate, amaranth seeds concentrate, Altai maral antlers concentrate, cimicifuga concentrate, lapacho concentrate, ilex concentrate, camomile concentrate, clover concentrate, oat seeds concentrate, dioscorea concentrate, grapeseeds concentrate, suncups concentrate, comfrey concentrate, juniper berries concentrate, lespedeza concentrate, common sea buckthorn berries concentrate, iris concentrate, hop concentrate, sweet briar concentrate, dandelion concentrate, artemia concentrate, stone oil concentrate, biotin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D.

Use instructions: Before applying the mask onto the face, neck, and low neckline area, it is recommended to clean the skin using the Sachel foam cream and Sachel BioBalance tonic supplied with the mask. After the skin cleansing and moisturizing, prepare the mask and apply it onto the face, neck, and low neckline area.

Mask preparation and use: Put 1 scoop of the mask dry powder into the container, add 2 scoops of the Sachel BioBalance tonic, keep stirring carefully until the homogeneous mass is formed, use the dedicated spatula to apply an even layer onto the entire facial area (including the eyelids area), neck, and low neckline area, let it stay for 20 minutes.

Mask removal: After 20 minutes, use the cotton pads soaked in water, wet the mask starting from the mask edges, on the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, chin, neck, and low neckline area. Remove the mask from the low neckline area from top to bottom direction.

After the mask, it is recommended to wipe the face with Sachel BioBalance tonic and apply the Sachel series nourishing cream depending on your type and condition of the skin.

It is recommended to use the mask 1 time a week.

For treatment of dermatosis of various genesis, eczema, redness, skin irritation caused by aggressive factors, climatic factors, and allergic reactions, it is recommended to use the mask 3 times a week until the defect vanishes.

The mask is characterized by pronounced anti-solar action, contributes to the skin recovery when treating the sunburns after being used 3 times. It is recommended as an emergency aid in case of the skin photoageing to recover the moisture level and cellular metabolism.

Active components of this mask are characterized by the P53-activity, they impede the fission of the pathogenic cells telomeres, and trigger the oncogenous cells apoptosis process.

This mask is a 100 % natural complex. It does not contain artificial substances, genetically modified substances, medicinal substances, conserving agents, or hormones. This mask is not addictive. Hypoallergenic. It does not affect the natural metabolic processes running in the skin cells. This mask can be used at any age as an aid for recovery of the skin esthetic properties in combination with the dermatological recovering and corrective action.

Storage conditions: Keep in a dry place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Cap tightly to avoid moisture ingress.

When opened, keep for not more than 2 years.

Shelf life: 2 years.