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Sachel® Aktiv micellar cosmetic gel for eyelashes care

Sachel® Aktiv micellar cosmetic gel for eyelashes care

Native natural complex-gel for the eyelashes recovery

  • for falling out prevention

  • for growth

  • for strengthening

  • special curling brush

  • 24 hours of comprehensive care for your eyelashes

12 ml

Complex-gel for eyelashes growth – organic product with bioengineering action based on native multicomplex of organelle structures of ginseng root, mimosa oil, woad concentrate, and natural components focused on boosting of the cells fission processes in the ciliary follicle, and eyelashes growth, improvement of metabolic processes, and eyelashes strengthening. 
The native gel contains natural micellar multicomplex characterized by transbiogenic penetration through the epidermal cells directly into the follicle of the eyelash, complete dissolution in the structures of the intercellular matrix, multidimensional action on the hair papilla, bursa pili, and eyelash keratin layer.

The micellar gel is recommended:

  • for stopping the eyelashes falling out;

  • for intensive growth of eyelashes, and natural extension;

  • as alternative therapeutic and decorative cosmetics for make-up: it extends the eyelashes, heals them, and adjusts the metabolic processes;

  • for 24-hour use: Safe regulating formulation protects against toxins, nourishes, moisturizes, and enhances the growth processes;

  • for eyebrows;

  • as an independent product or for further make-up;

  • after cosmetic procedures for extension, to recover the structure of the eyelashes and bursa pili, for toxins neutralization. 
Daily use of this gel as a natural aesthetic beauty product for eyelashes ensures dual effect: recovery and aesthetic and corrective action.

Ingredients: burdock sap, ginseng root sap concentrate (Panax ginseng), butcher’s broom concentrate, woad concentrate, hops extract, adipic acid, wax, chrysanthemum concentrate, mimosa oil, immortelle extract, acacia extract, silver proteinate, seleksen, carnosine, lavender wax, mentha viridis oil, grindelia extract, cedar galipot, Lonicera caprifolia extract, coffee oil, citric acid, arginine, glycine, cysteine, and proline
Use instructions: use a small brush to apply the gel onto your eyelashes evenly. To extend the length of your eyelashes, it is recommended to apply 3 layers.

The gel can be used:

  • as an independent daytime and nighttime product – for strengthening, growth, and protection of your eyelashes against adverse factors, for giving aesthetic advantages to your eyelashes;

  • for use as a base for mascara – for protection against chemical components of the mascara and for extension of the eyelashes length and density;

  • for nighttime use – the formulation boosts the individual factors of the eyelash natural growth.

To remove the gel, it is recommended to wash your eyes with warm water and wipe with tonic using the cotton pad.

When washing the gel off, and when the gel contacts with water, the micellar components are transferred to a new active form that:

  • eliminates the eyes fatigue;

  • eliminates the dark circles under the eyes and swelling;

  • eliminates the inflammatory processes caused by fungal, bacterial, or viral infection.

This product can be applied for strengthening and growth of eyebrows, making them silky and shiny.

This micellar gel mask does not contain any artificial, medicinal, and / or genetically modified substances, conserving agents, hormones, and / or toxins.

Not addictive. Hypoallergenic.

Storage conditions: keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Shelf life: 2 years.

After opening, do not keep for more than 1 year. Since this product is natural, rancidification of biologically active components can occur.

The gel does not add weight. It creates a pleasant feeling of freshness.