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THE SECRET OF BEAVER With Altai Maral Antlers Quick Recovery

THE SECRET OF BEAVER With Altai Maral Antlers Quick Recovery


With Altai Maral Antlers

Quick Recovery

100 g

The Secret of Beaver honey-based composition with Altai maral antlers is a mixture of natural ingredients: the unique product - castoreum (musk), secretion from the Castor Fiber special-purpose glands, honey and antlers extract from the Altai maral antlers that is well-known for its regenerative and curative properties.

Castoreum (musk) is characterized by the powerful medical, preventive, regenerative, and tonic properties. A beaver uses the musk in order to survive in the most extreme conditions (such as hunger, illness, cold, injury, and others), as well as for procreation.

Ingredients: castoreum, honey and antlers extract, Altai maral antlers, and Gorny Altai honey.

Castoreum has been used for thousands of years both in Ancient Rus, and in Europe. Since the days of Alexander Nevsky reign, the soldiers had been used the castoreum tincture for healing of wounds (from arrows, spears, and swords). They noted that the wounds were healing much quicker, and the swelling reduced in no time.

Peter the Great used castoreum for respiratory diseases treatment.

Altai maral antlers are the non-ossified young antlers that contain a complex composition of biologically active substances characterized by high level of activity (those are the fats and minerals, including the micro elements in the form of easily digestible chelated and ionic components - calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, and potassium).

Altai maral is the endemic subspecies of the red deer inhabiting Gorny Altai only.

The mixture consisting of the castoreum, Altai maral antlers, the Gorny Altai honey is characterized by powerful and efficient action under the most extreme states of the human organism, when the conventional healthcare methods are forceless, when quick and efficient aid is required, when multiple organism systems and functions must be recovered, when the extreme situation does not provide any time for continuous treatment, when there is a will to maintain the natural balance in the organism and functions of the organs and systems.

The active mixture used for this composition is highly digestible (100 % availability), and it helps to recover the weakened function of the organs and systems quickly:

- Loss of sexual function, when the pharmaceutical treatment has not demonstrated the expected result and (or) caused the side effects - the efficiency of this product is hardly outdone by the popular stimulators, and it has no adverse side effects;

- Severe alcohol intoxication - it eliminates the intoxication of the organism with alcohol, contributes to maintaining the functions and systems of the organism, prevents disturbance of the cardiovascular system, and stimulates quick sobering;

- Liquor withdrawal syndrome, alcohol intoxication - it eliminates the dizziness and nausea, improves the cerebration, motion coordination, and makes the alcohol toxins leave the body;

- Sportsmen and athletes highly intensive physical exercise - it improves the stamina and physical capacity, promotes quicker recovery after intensified training sessions, produces both tonic, and sedative effect, eliminates the anxiety, stimulates the strength mobilization and concentration of attention;

- Chronic depression of strength - it instantly (just within a few minutes) recovers the energy level of the body, annihilates the fatigue, brings one alive to the world, and recovers the physical and mental activity.

It is clinically established that the night shift workers at the end of the shift, when taking the honey-based composition with castoreum, have no symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, flaccidity; within just a few minutes the capacity to work recovers, as well as the mental and physical activity, just like they had a good sleep and rest; additional supplementation of this product with the maral antlers boosts up this effect many-fold;

- Aggravated menopausal disorders - it gently and naturally normalizes the psychoemotional state, recovers the heart rate, genitourinary system function, normalizes the metabolic processes, contributes to elimination of all menopause symptoms (such as fever, anxiety, insomnia, grumpiness, and others);

- Numb feeling - it stimulates the blood flow to the limbs, recovers the limbs mobility and sensibility, contributes to normalization of the motion coordination, and improves the locomotion and movability;

- Pronounced multiple sclerosis - it helps to recover the affected neurolemmas, recovers the immune disorders and neuropsychic changes;

- Severe headache - it contributes to elimination of the vascular headache, relieving the muscles strain near the head, neurological spasms, as well as the liquor withdrawal syndrome headache;

- Paralysis - it stimulates the blood flow to the limbs, adjusts the nerve fiber condition, and has general tonic effect;

- Chronic genitourinary inflammations - it promotes quick elimination of the infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, including the sexually transmitted ones, helps to eliminate the painful urination and feeling of "heaviness" in the perineum;

- Hopeless infertility - it helps to recover the hormones production, enhances the ejaculate activity and mobility, increases the probability of fertilization and pregnancy;

- Chronic and aggravated gynecological inflammations - it contributes to recovery of the menstrual cycle, normal endocrine profile, eliminates the pain and spasms, female sexual dysfunction and thrush;

- Advanced prostatic adenoma - it contributes to improvement of the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, eliminates the painful urination and pain in the perineum, contributes to prevention of inflammations in the urinary tract;

- Liver rapid degradation - it intensively prevents the changes in liver caused by infectious and toxic nature, contributes to improvement of the local blood circulation, normalizes the metabolic processes and liver cells recovery, eliminates the alcohol intoxication, intoxication with medications and poisons;

- Joints and low back severe inflammatory processes - it intensely contributes to recovery of the cartilaginous tissue, intervertebral disks elasticity, and joints mobility, it prevents the dystrophic changes in the vertebrarium area;

- Wounds, burns, dermatitis, and other skin disorders - when ingested or applied topically, it produces intensive wound-healing and regenerative effect, produces quick hemostatic effect, cicatrization, elimination of swelling, irritation, and skin changes caused by burns;

- Continuous dizziness, hearing disorder, tinnitus - it stimulates the stable recovery of the hearing function, vision, and elimination of dizziness;

- Rapid visual impairment - it intensively recovers the visual function, prevents the degenerative changes of the retina and fundus, prevents the cataract and glaucoma, improves the blood circulation in the eyes area, improves the vision acuity;

- After severe health problems, injuries, surgeries - it quickly recovers and enhances the capacity to work, mental power, stimulates the function and growth of muscles;

- Arterial blood pressure change - it contributes to correction of the blood pressure up to the normal level;

- Quick recovery of the immune system - in a well-balanced manner, with no side effects, it contributes to recovery of the immunity and body defenses, prevents the chronic inflammatory processes.

It is recommended to take orally 0.5 teaspoons 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Prior dilution of the product in water or other drinks is possible:dilute 0.5 teaspoons of this product in 50 ml of water (1/4 glass), use 3 times a day. Course of administration - 30 days.After the course of administration completion, it is recommended to pause for 5 days, and then repeat the course.Four courses per yearare recommended.

For maintaining the effect and for preventive treatment purposes, use the product daily, 0.5 teaspoons a day for 1 year as a product that helps to prevent any adverse changes in the organism, for normalization of the metabolic processes and endocrine profile, and to boost or support the immune system.

Contraindications: idiosyncrasy to the product components.

Nutritional facts:

Carbohydrates, g per 100 g - 45 g

Fat, g per 100 g - 2 g

Protein, g per 100 g - 4 g

Organic acids, g per 100 g - 0.5 g

Energy: 208 kcal/100 g

Storage conditions: keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Shelf life: 2 years.


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