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Sachera-Med® is innovative and unique products for your health, and cosmeceutics based on native vegetable and natural components. The quality of our products is one of the constituents of our successful and
long-lasting cooperation with our Clients.

In all production stages, from selection of raw materials to final products, multi-stage quality control is implemented. Advanced physical and chemical analytical methods allow our specialist to identify the biochemical composition of the raw materials, and the genuineness of the raw materials. Final products are standardized in terms of quality, genuineness, safety, and pharmacological activity metrics. Sachera-Med products and technologies comply with ISO and HACCP requirements; our specialists cooperate with scientific centers and hospitals. Raw materials and process parameters are controlled by the laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art tools to accomplish all necessary studies. Production process quality control is embedded into each stage, starting from the raw materials acceptance.

Raw materials are sampled out for chemical and microbiological analysis, the arbitration (the sum of samples quantity selected for chemical and microbiological testing). The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the raw materials is accomplished in strict compliance with the specification that aggregates all requirements for the raw materials with regard to the production peculiarities and final product. Microbiological purity analysis is accomplished in compliance with the regulatory documentation that governs the microbiological requirements.

Well-established functioning of the system allows to assure the quality of the entire range of our products at all production stages, from the required materials procurement to finished product release. Entire personnel working in the department are highly qualified specialists with reach educational background and a great wealth of experience. The work flow in the department is arranged using the most advanced information technologies, all information exists in digital form. During the course of production and before the release, the products undergo rigid control to verify the compliance with the reference sample and specifications, and in terms of organoleptic, physical, chemical, and microbiological metrics. Only if all parameters are normal, the finished product is released.