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Entire range of Sachera-Med products is manufactured from high-quality ecofriendly ingredients.

Our geographic location - near the Gorny Altai border - allows to use the rich natural resources of the Gorny Altai flora and fauna as the raw materials source. Each product marked with the Sachera-Med logo is a break-through in health nutrition and cosmeceutics.

As for the collection of the raw materials, the specialists - geologists and biologists - collect the raw materials manually; at the raw materials collection site, they use dedicated equipment to determine the raw materials genuineness, while taking adequate measures to avoid the ingress of impurities. 

If you have already tried our products, it won't be a secret for you that we always use only natural and eco-clean ingredients in our production process. Native products from Sachera-Med are useful, delicious, free from harmful substances and artificial substitutes. That is why have indisputable reputation among our buyers - we value and confirm this reputation.

Besides, observance of all production, storage, and logistics technical specifications makes our products truly delicious. We use advanced domestic and foreign equipment that complies with global standards.

Quality control is integrated into each stage of preparation and production, this keeps the natural taste and flavor of our products.